First International Workshop on Learning from Other Disciplines for RE

(collocated with RE’18 in Banff, Canada, August 20th 2018)

The overall workshop concept of this first edition was based on our initial findings from literature reviews as well as on a creativity session conducted with 30 participants. These findings have been supplemented with new ideas gained during workshop discussions and selected ideas have been elaborated in more detail with the workshop participants in breakout sessions. In particular, we elaborated an initial set of best practices and possible synergies to RE in the disciplines journalism/writing, law and socializing.

Second International Workshop on Learning from Other Disciplines for RE

(collocated with REFSQ’19 in Essen, Germany, March 18th 2019)

In this second edition, we aim to get inspired from best practices of new disciplines and elaborate further ideas to adapt and incorporate such best practices in RE activities during breakout sessions. An inspiring keynote as well as a paper presentation ultimately served as inspiration for creativity sessions, where our aim was to collaboratively work on innovative RE methods and techniques that adapt ideas from the police domain and the human factors domain, respectively.

Third International Workshop on Learning from Other Disciplines for RE

In this third edition, we intend to share our findings from the first two editions (collocated with RE’18 in Banff, Canada as well as with REFSQ’2019 in Essen, Germany) and further enrich our existing body of ideas and synergies of non-SE disciplines with RE, inspired by the specical theme: „Learning from Fiction – What can RE learn from famous characteris or people acting in movies / TV series?“