Similar to the previous editions, the D4RE’21 workshop is a one-day workshop organized into four sessions. Thereby, the major part of the workshop will consist of interactive break-out sessions in which the participants will be guided by suitable (creativity) techniques and material to collaboratively discuss and elaborate synergies between best practices / techniques of other disciplines and RE-related activities.

Please note that the workshop will be held virtually.

We will start at 08:00 am Conference Time Zone, i.e., Eastern Time (US & Canada). The detailed program is planned as follows (please note, that the length of each session is only an approximation as it depends on the interactive discussions / number of participants respectively working groups)

SESSION I: OPENING AND INSPIRATIONS (~90 Minutes, 08:00 – 9:30)

The first opening session is intended to give an introduction to the workshop participants and to provide the participants with the chance to introduce themselves and share their expectations for the workshop.

The second part of this session is dedicated to presentations as inspiring input to the interactive workshop session.

Talk: „Crossing the borders of RE – Experiences and Learnings gained in previous D4RE editions „ (Anne Hess)

This introductory talk shares insights and results we gained in the last four editions of the D4RE workshop.

Paper Presentation: „Keep Your Stakeholders Engaged – Interactive Vision Videos in Requirements Engineering“ (Lukas Nagel and Oliver Karras)


SESSION II: EXPERT INTERVIEW (~75 Minutes, 09:45 – 11:00)

Afterwards, inspired by the talks we will  introduce and start our interactive creativity sessions by first exploring a set of initial ideas for possible synergies between other disciplines and RE with the help of suitable creativity techniques.

As inspirational input to the creativity session, we will share recorded interviews that we conducted with an expert in building architecture as well as a journalist prior to the workshop. In these interviews, the architect respectively journalist provide interesting insights into their daily work, procedures and activities as well as challenges – with many parallels to RE-related activities.


SESSION III: BREAKOUT (~75 Minutes, 11:15 – 12:30)

The goal of the breakout session is to collaboratively work on selected ideas (based on results of the previous sessions ) and elaborate selected synergies between other disciplines with RE-related activities in more detail. To achieve this, we consider dividing the participants into working groups of 4-6 people. Each group will be provided with suitable techniques and material to collaboratively discuss and document findings related to a set of leading questions.


SESSION IV: WRAP-UP (~60 Minutes, 12:45 – 13:45)

In this session, each group will then present the elaborated group work results and the insights they gained during their discussions to all workshop participants. The workshop will be closed with a discussion and feedback session.