Sessions Third D4RE Edition

Special Workshop Theme: „Learning from Fiction – What can RE learn from famous characters or people acting in movies / TV series?“

Similar to the previous editions, the D4RE’19 workshop is a one-day workshop organized into four 1.5-hour sessions. Thereby, the major part of the workshop will consist of interactive break-out sessions in which the participants will be guided by suitable (creativity) techniques and material to collaboratively discuss and elaborate synergies between “fiction” and RE-related activities.


Please note: we particularly invite any spouses accompanying our RE community members to Jeju Island to attend our workshop and to collaboratively elaborate new ideas with us. If interested, please contact the workshop organizers so that participation without registration free can be organized for the spouses!

The detailed program is planned as follows:


The first opening session is intended to give an introduction to the workshop participants and to provide the participants with the chance to introduce themselves and share their expectations for the workshop.

Inspiration Talk: „What would House do?“ (Marcus Trapp)

Inspired by the daily work and medical decisions taken by Dr. House in the TV series “House M.D.”, Marcus Trapp will highlight many illustrative synergies and lessons that relate to project management activities in an entertaining way – don’t miss it!!

10:30 – 11:00: BREAK


This session will be opened by a paper presentation given by M. Ocieszak, K. Wnuk, and D. Callele entitled: „Using Financial Valuation Techniques to Minimize Waste in Requirements Scoping“. In this presentation, the authors  share initial experiences with applying theories and techniques from the financial domain for requirements scoping and feature prioritization – possibly inspired by the movie „Wall Street“.

Afterwards, inspired by the two talks we will  start our interactive creativity sessions by first exploring a set of initial ideas for possible synergies between fiction and RE with the help of suitable creativity techniques.

12:30 –  14:00: LUNCH BREAK

14:00 – 15:30: SESSION III: BREAKOUT

The goal of the breakout session is to collaboratively work on selected ideas (based on results of the exploration session in the morning) and elaborate the synergies with RE-related activities in more detail. To achieve this, we consider dividing the participants into working groups of 4-6 people. Each group will be provided with suitable techniques and material to collaboratively discuss and document findings related to a set of leading questions. Afterwards, each group will then present the elaborated group work results and the insights they gained during their discussions to all workshop participants.

15:30 –  16:00: BREAK

16:00 – 17:30: SESSION IV: WRAP-UP

The goal of the wrap-up session is to agree on a future research agenda, identify collaborations between industry and academia (e.g., communities, networking), and elicit new ideas for future workshops. The workshop will be closed by a paper presentation given by Y.D. Pham, L. Montgomery, and W. Maalej entitled: „Renovating Requirements Engineering – First Thoughts to Shape Requirements Engineering as a Profession“. In this presentation, the authors share their initial thoughts on shaping the role of requirements engineers inspired by agile product owners and building architects – possibly inspired by the TV series „Grand Designs“.